5 Steps You Want to Know Prior to Attempting To”Steal the Button” Playing Texas Hold’em Poker

Stealing the Button must be just 1 strategy in your arsenal of poker strategies. If you don’t know what Stealing the Button is, then I suggest you read my post titled”A Sly, Tricky Way to Improve Your Table Position. . It goes into great depth about what stealing the button is, why use it, how to use it, when to use it, and when NOT to use it.

As soon as you’ve used this strategy a few times and know how to use this, and the most appropriate times to use it, it will become an easy, surefire way to gain control at the table by boosting your positioning Poker

1. You have to get a playable hand.

You can loosen your starting hand requirements when you play from later positions. However, if you’re going to bluff, make sure that you”semi-bluff”. If you do not understand exactly what a semi-bluff is, read my article titled”How to Correctly Perform a”Semi-Bluff” and Rake in Huge Pots”.

You would like to play a hand that you can actually hit something with, such as suited-connectors or even semi-connectors. I personally prefer not to raise with garbage like 7-2 offsuit. I think that it’s more of an ego raise compared to a logical, strategic drama.


The entire point for this play is to STEAL THE BUTTON. If you put in a sissy increase, you are not likely to frighten the button from the pot.

If you are directly to the right of this button, you would like to increase enough to force out that player. If you’re two chairs to the right of this button, they you’ll have to increase enough to have the player to your left out, as well as the player on the button.

Among the secrets to successfully doing this would be to ALWAYS pay attention to this pre-Flop gambling patterns of the opponents in your left. As a result you’ll know precisely how much you need to bet to get them from a hand.

Be cautious if you are to the best of a loose player. It’ll be difficult to find that player to give up his button position. So listen!

3. Following the flop.

Since you increase pre-Flop, you are in control of the hand, and most gamers will assess it to you. If someone stakes, beware! Don’t let your ego get in the way and wind up losing a massive pot.

When players check to youpersonally, it provides you the power to either bet or check. It is possible to bet and attempt to steal the pot right. Alternatively, you can assess and receive a complimentary turn-card.

While you should normally gamble to follow through on your increase, you must mix it up occasionally and only check, particularly if you’re getting short-stacked.

4. Do not get pot dedicated.

Remember, stealing the button should be utilized as one of MANY plays with you exhibit in your arsenal of poker approaches. Don’t make a dumb play that you’ll regret like gambling a huge amount in order to attempt and push an opponent off their hands. If they have nothing, they’re likely to fold. But when they have a real, powerful hand, you’re going to wind up paying dearly for it.

5. You do not always have to increase to steal the button.

There are two scenarios where you won’t need to raise to be able to slip the button. Many times, the dividers will be big enough where you figure just calling the big blind will be enough to get you the button. This is even more true when you are to the right of a tight player.

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